Interior Trimwork and Finish Carpentry

Our woodworking specialist has enhanced the interiors of many homes with custom trimwork.  It is a great way to give your home the look that sets it apart from others, and transforms an average room into a spectacular room.  These do not have to be extravagant or elaborate changes, but because many homes have only a minimum of trim, even a simple modification, such as crown molding installed at the ceiling, can make an amazing difference.

We have detailed below just a few of our remodels.  These architectural details will not only add beauty to your space, but also style and warmth.  Email or give us a call for any other project ideas you may have.  We will work with you to make your ideas reality.

Browse our Gallery to view some of the finish carpentry applications we have completed for clients.

Picture Frame or Shadow Box Molding

Improve the appearance of your home by adding accent to your walls with decorative wall frames.  Also known as picture frame or shadow box, it is placed on upper or lower walls to provide depth and definition, and is usually combined with chair rail or dado relief elements placed a few feet up from the floor.

These wall treatments can be simple or highly dimensional and elaborate, and sized in a scale complimentary to your space.  They can be used in any room of your home, and are equally effective to add definition and beauty to staircase walls.  Paintings or art work can be showcased by placing them inside simple or dimensional and detailed shadow box frames.

Crown & Baseboard Molding and Decorative Casings

Crown and baseboard applications not only have great eye appeal, but are the perfect way to add a finished look to your living space.  They can be created in simple or elaborate configurations to harmonize with your decor and provide the correct balance to your room.

Columns and fluted pilasters are a very effective application to redefine spaces within a room, and a creative way to add definition and visual appeal to the architectural details.  They are used to separate space within a room or adjoining rooms, in applications such as pillars placed on half walls, free-standing columns, dimensional trimwork placed directly on the wall to simulate columns, or in fireplace surrounds, bookcases and other built-ins.

Upgrading your door and window trim with fluted casings and more elaborate profiles, such as multiple reveals, will create an instant transformation and add a significant improvement to the overall look of the space.

Interior doorway pediments are a fabulous way to spruce up your entry/exit door.  We have installed elaborate architectural trimwork around the entire interior entry door, adding elegance and beauty you can only imagine.

Wainscoting, Bead-Board and Wall Panels

Redefine your room with a variety of wall treatments.  They can be in many forms, both formal and informal, such as bead-board wainscoting, flat or raised wall panels, also known as raised panel wainscoting, and can incorporate various profiles and trims for a look specific to your home.  These are combined with chair rails, are usually installed on the lower section of a wall, and can be used with equal success in any room.

Installation can be vertical, horizontal or even diagonal to create drama for an accent wall.  We have also installed bead-board in the space between kitchen cabinets and counter top, creating an eye-appealing and dramatic finishing touch for a kitchen.

Ceiling Beams and Coffered Ceilings

Ceiling beams provide a beautiful visual impact and can be used effectively in a formal library, family room, kitchen, dining room, or any large space you want to update with dramatic architectural elements.  These ceiling beams are usually built as hollow forms to resemble actual beams, but eliminating the weight of solid timber.

We also install coffered ceilings, in a variety of treatments, for those looking for a more formal ceiling design, and low profile ceiling panels for rooms with lower ceiling heights.