Testimonials For John Valis Woodworking

Read a few comments from our Connecticut clients relating their experience with our custom woodworking skills.

"Mr. Valis performs miracles!  He took an empty, drab corner of my kitchen and made it into a welcoming oasis where the family can sit and relax and enjoy a morning cappuccino or a bite at lunch.  He was meticulous in his planning and details of our kitchen banquette and his workmanship was top notch.  He was professional, a pleasure to deal with and we enjoyed having him in our home.  I would highly recommend Mr. Valis.  I know you would be pleasantly rewarded."
..........Karen G., Avon CT

"John Valis has applied his talent in big and small projects for us, and we have more we'll ask him to do.  He is a perfectionist in his woodworking, big or small, and he is artistic in his approach, an unusual combination with most artisans.   He also uses the best wood for the project.   In the case of the bookcase showcased on this website, we presented him with a pencil drawing of what we were looking for.   He discussed EVERY detail with us and produced an architectural drawing showing creative details we hadn't even imagined, particularly in regard to trim on shelf fronts, flutes in columns, crown molding, etc.  The fit from wall to wall is uncanny.   In other words, he doesn't take a job and run with it; everything he creates, no matter the size, is custom built.

In the case of the bead-board backsplash for our kitchen cupboards, he built the bead-board to exactly fit our space so that each board and bead are exponentially sized to suit OUR space.   Our backsplash has four angles and the bead-board runs vertically; each joining angle is EXACTLY aligned, results: custom made beadboard with custom fit.  John created an appliance garage specifically for a corner space using two doors to get the best use of space; also custom made.   Minor repairs to commercial 'custom made cupboards' enhanced efficiency.   A sideboard - expensive from a local furniture store - needed shelves to be braced.   John did just that and exactly matched the design and paint with the original.

The interior designer we work with so admired his talent that he wanted John's business card to be used in his business; all who see our bookcase and beadboard 'want the name of the man'.   Yet, John's prices are very fair and do not reflect the true value of this level of craftsmanship."
..........Mike and Mickey, Simsbury CT

"We were searching for a carpenter to do some wood work in our home.  We wanted to have a mantel built for our family room fireplace and crown molding installed in the same room.  We found an ad for John Valis Woodworking.  He came to our home and worked with us to see exactly what we wanted.  The results were more than satisfactory.  His craftsmanship and professionalism was beyond anything we ever expected.

We had John come back to build another more formal mantel for our living room fireplace and to continue the crown molding from our family room into our kitchen.  With John's assistance, we were able to custom design a mantel to suit our decor and beautifully showcase our fireplace.  We have since recommended John to one of our neighbors who was also extremely pleased with his work.  We would highly recommend John Valis to anyone who is looking for a skilled expert carpenter."
..........Bruce and Lori, Farmington, CT

"In the Spring of 2006 we moved into a new condominium in Simsbury Connecticut.  We asked John Valis to design and build for us storage systems for our three walk-in closets.  We had asked other national closet organizations to do the same, but the design that John came up with was far superior in every way to the national companies.  He custom designed a storage system for each area that fully optimized the space available.  Careful thought was given to the mix of hanging space, shelving, drawers and work areas.  Keeping everything neat and organized is now a breeze.

His excellent work did not stop with the design.  After 5 years, the quality of the construction is still a source of amazement to us and our house guests.  John built modules in his workshop and then installed them in the closets.  Needless to say they fit perfectly.  There was no mess and the installation was done in a few days.  Each module is built of three-quarter cabinet grade plywood.  The drawers are on high quality roller bearing sliders.  The paint work is as good as any factory paint job.  In five years we have not had a single issue with any of the workmanship.  We have no doubt that the closets will still be standing and functional when the rest of the house falls into disrepair.

We highly recommend John Valis for any fine carpentry work in your home.  We have used him on other projects and have always been very happy with his work.  He clearly takes pride in his craft, which is hard to find these days."
..........Ian and Charmaine, Simsbury CT