Custom Built-Ins

We have custom built the projects outlined below for our clients.  If you have an idea for a renovation or home improvement that is not detailed below, give us a call or email us.  We will be happy to meet with you to discuss your project idea.  The possibilities are endless for adding unique improvements to your home or business.  Together, we can work to make your visions become reality.

To view images of some of the projects we have completed for clients, Browse our Gallery.


Are you outgrowing your current closet space?  Whether you would like to add a cedar closet, a new walk-in closet or change an existing space, perhaps by adding bi-fold or sliding doors, or adding shelves, niches and hanging bars in a more organized configuration, we can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.  We will design a closet that provides convenient and efficient storage for all your clothing items, plus specially designed storage areas for all accessory items.  Having a beautiful well-organized closet will bring a sense of order to the closet and simplify your life.

Bookcases, Bookshelves, and Library Wall Units

Our bookcases, bookshelves and wall units are built to fit your room and in a configuration to match your ideas.  They can be simple or ornate, built into small alcoves, fill an entire wall or two, or designed to look like a free-standing piece of furniture.  Trim detail, columns, arches and jogs can be used creatively in your project to cater to your needs and provide your own custom look.

Mantels and Fireplace Surrounds

Does your existing fireplace need a makeover?  We can design any style, from a simple mantel shelf to an elaborate fireplace surround with a mantel and side columns.  It can be built with an elegant understated simplicity or customized with elaborate moldings and details, and professionally finished in either natural wood or paint.

Window Seats, Banquettes and Bench Seats

Window seats and banquettes are perfect to provide extra seating for a table, or a great place to relax and unwind, while enjoying the fabulous view from a window. These bench seats can be customized with a lift top to provide an area for storage below, or a stationary top with slide-out drawers or cupboards below.  A bench can also be incorporated into a full wall bookshelf unit to provide seating while browsing your books.  These storage benches are the perfect solution for seating and storage in entry foyers, mudrooms and laundry rooms.

Cabinets and Cabinetry

We have built hardwood corner cabinets made to look like a free-standing piece of furniture, with glass window top and base cupboards.  These can be designed as a flat front to the floor, or with an open shelf separating the glass doors at the top from the base cabinets.  We can build cabinetry to suit your needs and for any space in your home.

Outdoor kitchen units in weather resistant cedar wood are popular and a great way to have all your outdoor cooking supplies quickly accessible.  A sliding shelf inside a door for a waste basket is a possibility, along with shelves and drawers for all your cooking necessities and supplies, and tiled tops for hot or cold dishes.

Kitchens can be updated with center islands, additional cabinets or pantry units, as well as tambour appliance garages, and butcher block top areas.

We design laundry room cabinets to make the best use of your space.  If you don’t have room for full length floor cabinets, wall cabinets, open shelves and hanging bars are a great option.

Specially designed radiator covers are essential for hiding unsightly radiators, while still providing heat circulation and beautifying your home.

Storage Solutions

Designing to meet your specific needs is our specialty.  We can design and build storage solutions for any room or area of your home.  They not only add visual appeal to your space, but really do make life easier by helping to keep things organized and more efficient.  Storage areas can be added effectively wherever you most need them.

We have created storage units for family or game rooms, such as a pool table accessories storage area built into an existing wall niche, and a matching wet bar built into an adjacent niche.  Benches for seating, that also incorporate storage, are always a plus for family or game rooms.  Or perhaps you need special shelving built to house your collections, such as display shelving around the top of the wall.

Entertainment centers not only provide storage for plasma TV and all your media equipment, but keep everything well organized.  These, as well as computer work stations and home office spaces, can be creatively disguised in beautiful cabinetry.

Does your basement or garage need a makeover?  We can bring order to the chaos in your garage or basement with storage solutions to suit your needs.